Dòng Universal Seal, bơm VIking 124A/AE, 4124A/AE

Dòng Universal Seal, bơm Viking có Series: 124A/AE, 4124A/AE, 126A, 4126A, 123A, 4123A,127A, 4127A, 324A, 4324A, 323A, 4323A, 327A, 4327A
  • Accommodates virtually all sealing types and manufacturers.
  • Back pull-out seals provide access without disturbing the wet end.
  • Design adaptability for an unequaled range of liquids, temperatures, and viscosities.
  • Rugged design with heavy duty bearings extends pump life.
  • Available with FDA and EN1935/2004 materials for food contact.
Max. Capacity: 1,600 GPM (365 M³/hr)
Max. Pressure: 200 PSI (14 BAR).
Max. Viscosity: 2,000,000 SSU (440,000 cSt)
Temperature Range: -120°F to +800°F (-85°C to +430°C)