Bơm chuẩn API - MỸ (XPD 676)- Bơm Universal 682

​API 676 và Universal 682 cps series: 4132AA, 4223AA, 4323AA, 4223AX, 4323AX

API 676 – Positive Displacement Pumps – Rotary, 3rd Edition, Nov. 2009 is a standard put forth by the American Petroleum Institute which covers the requirements for rotary positive displacement process pumps and pump units for use in the petroleum, petrochemical, and gas industry services.

XPD 676 Series (models 4223AX/4323AX)
Steel pumps with 4-bolt mount API 682 cartridge seals and NO exceptions to the API 676 standard.
viking pump

Lưu lượng Max: to 1,600 GPM (363 M3/Hr)
Áp lực Max: 200 PSI (14 BAR) 
Độ nhớt Max: to 2000,000 SSU (440,000 cSt)
Nhiệt độ từ: -20°F to +650°F (-29°C to +340°C)
Broader Temperature Range Available with Special Construction